The Rule of law:  

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy once tried to describe what the “rule of
law” needed to be effective.  He said it must consist of at least three elements.   
First, the laws must be “made and enforced” by a “democratic” process.  But he
was clear that that wasn’t enough.  Hitler did as much with his laws.  Second,
the laws had to be enforced equally upon all.  This idea of ‘justice’ can be
difficult to institute but its appearance is profoundly vital to securing real peace.  
Last, the laws must be protective of a certain set of inalienable rights. Rights
that we have just because we are born. Not because we are white, male,
American or Christian.   These are God given rights that no government can take
away.  I’m sure he was thinking about our own Bill of Rights essential to the
creation of our Constitution.  But it’s safe to say the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights is not far from his line of reason.  

While there is little evidence of this, I believe it is accurate to suggest that 95% of
the threats humanity faces today, would be prevented with the global
enforcement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  And, the other 5%
that we cannot prevent…we would be that much better able to deal with if an
enforced global bill of rights were reality.
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