The Trilemma:  Freedom, Security, Independence

Which two do you want?

Freedom is real.  Independence is only a mental concept.  Security is an innate need
and desire that is impossible to guarantee.   Which two ideals are you willing to die for?
 Kill for?  Live and work for-for others?  By understanding freedom we can achieve
freedom and security for all.  Believing in independence will cost us freedom, security,
or both.  The Anatomy of Freedom Inst. is a network of facts, people and actions to
maximize our freedoms and security.  Explore this trilemma yourself.  Our greatest
security threats are global factors; pandemics, war, terrorism, economic instability,
environmental degradation and international crime.  Local, state and federal laws are
inadequate to prevent or effectively address them.  We need global enforceable laws
that put human rights above national sovereignty.  Enforcing the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights could prevent 95% of these threats and dramatically increase our
capacity to deal with others.
Our government is based on the concept of independence.

Our world is entirely and irreversibly interdependent.

What will you do about it?
What can we do?

The first goal is to educate ourselves about the levels of interdependence in all
aspects of our lives including our personal relationships, our wealth, our health,
our faith, our politics, our environment and our security on this troubled planet.
Documenting our interdependence.

We are dedicated to detailing the extent of our interdependence in all areas of life
and how only through the global enforcement of inalienable rights, particularly the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights though the rule of law, can we best
maximize both our desires for freedom and security.   Educating others and
translating this knowledge into global public policy is the ultimate goal.   Heaven on
earth … and beyond is possible.  But not if any of us hold fast to the myth of
The Trilemma:  Freedom,
Security, or Independence