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Threats we face:

The threats can be lumped into 5 categories but
they often overlap and almost always influence
other threats.  Wars increase the threat of
pandemics.  Economic collapse can spark

1.  Human instigated violence: War, terrorism,
bioterrorism, cyber attacks, dirty bombs and
other WMD.

2.  Nature’s threats:  Pandemics, Asteroids,
Earthquakes/tsunamis, extreme weather.

3.        Environmental threats:  Global warming,
Genetically modified organisms, species
extinction, toxic wastes…

4.        Economic threats:  Depression,
Recession, global economic collapse,

5.        International crime:  Genocide, illegal
immigration, prostitution, drugs…

Each of these threats is greatly effected (both
positive and negative ways) by several factors:

1.        Dual use nature of all technology….
superpowered individuals!
2.        Traditional pitfalls of dealing with global
a.        Disarmament
b.        Diplomacy.
c.        Pre-emption
d.        War
e.        Containment

Reality:  The Trilemma.