About Our Mission

Our species and our cultures are increasingly faced with a finite
number of profound threats.  Threats that can make our lives
extremely miserable…or non existent … in a very short time.

We humans also have several inherent flaws that prevent us from
effectively addressing serious threats.  We have the capacity to
believe anything, an ingrained habit of failing to do we know needs
to be done, and the propensity for procrastinating even on the most
serious problems. Detailing the dangers we face isn’t enough. We
must also find the means of overcoming these dangerous flaws.

You will not find any prominent politicians, policy makers or
established intellectuals in our ranks. Many will be quoted. But, if
they were to speak out about the need for the profound changes
that are now required for real sustainable human progress and
prosperity, they would not likely be able to hold the level of power
they now have.
For the most part our policy makers are followers not leaders.  We
need leaders.  People with the courage to say what needs to be
said to those who need to hear it.

If you are one of these people, we welcome your dialogue and
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